Booked, paid and ready to go!

Hi all!

The much antisipated update is finally here. I have booked my flight, paid the amount, and I am heading to Germany! We are leaving the second week of November. Staying for two weeks. Then head home for some needed RNR.

With the help of so many of you I was able to get a lower loan amount for the remainder needed for treatment. That was the largest check I have ever seen!

The itinerary at Infusio seems pretty straight forward. A ton of blood is taken the second day there, then two days before we leave they put the new and improved stems cells back in. Of course in between I will be getting much needed thymus help. Just to wake up and strengthen my groggy immune system. They have put us up at the Couva Boarding House. Shops, restaurants, and travel seem to be at our fingertips. Or at least walking distance.

“We”? No I don’t have a split personality, says George who lives in my head. Just kidding. I am not going alone. My sister, Ashley, has agreed to work remotely for a bit and accompany me on my quest. She has a big heart and a positive energy about her which is just what the doctor ordered.

My sister-in-law, Jen, has been incredibly helpful in this whole process. She has continued to keep in touch with the facility since her treatment back in 2014 in October. She is 100% better. Very encouraging. Who doesn’t want that result? Though it has meant and will continue to be more of a diet and lifestyle change for me too. I could not have gone this far without her. I am truly blessed. Oddly I will be seeing a few people she has conversed with about Infusio when I am there.

I am feeling excited and a bit nervous about the whole thing. I had a dream the other night that I forgot my plane ticket. So I stowed away on the wing and ended up on a tropical island. Ha! It will be 40-50 degrees in Frankfurt. I’m definitely a Californian. We don’t have seasons here. This will be a huge transition for me.

I am hoping this will eradicate most of my crippling symptoms. 22 years of joint pain is too much for a 30+ year old to feel. I have my 80’s for that. And then there’s my food allergies. I will eat that banana and not fear a bad reaction!

Thank you for contributing and for your words of encouragement.

Let the healing begin!

Love,   M

2 thoughts on “Booked, paid and ready to go!

  1. Bon voyage, M! Really happy for you. We’re sending positive healing energy your way. I’m sure you’ll do fine on this exciting and healing adventure. I look forward to hearing more.

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  2. My thoughts will be with you on your healing journey! Hoping you will feel well enough to see some sites like Jen did. So happy for you, wellness is on the way!!! 🙂


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