Over Due Update!

It’s been awhile for an update. My excuse is that I was actually very sick for awhile. The other times, I was just lazy. Doesn’t mean that I am not appreciative for everyone and everything that you have done for me. It’s been very emotional with the amount if support you all have given me.

Enough said. Now on to the actual update:

I am so very close in going to Germany! I’ve raised over a generous $5,000. Just about set to get a loan for the rest. Then my emotional companion and I are off! My sis was gratious enough to accompany me on my journey into health- hood. (Yah, I know it doesn’t sound right, but I’ll make it work) I’m hoping I’ll be feeling okay enough to take in some of the sights. Feeling very excited and a bit scared. After all my veins are not exactly ideal for draws. We will see if the last one in my arm holds up.

I really can’t wait to feel better. I’m not sure what that’s like, but I’ve had short periods of time (minutes sometimes hours) when I didn’t have pain.

I want to thank all of you for your support and/or gifts to help me finance this treatment option.

Hopefully soon I’ll search for those poppy fields I can frollic in. And my new goal is to hike to Manchu Picchu.

Thank you all again!


One thought on “Over Due Update!

  1. Lovely, M! Glad you’re closer to the treatment you’ve been striving for. I pray it works wonders for you, and am optimistic it will. Thanks for the update!


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